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Clients of Migrantic, Lawyers for Tax & Global Mobility, come from a broad cross-section of local, national and international companies as well as individuals across the world. We are committed to provide tailored solutions in a cost effective manner to achieve measurable outcomes for our clients.

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Our expertise in international tax and global mobility matters have proven to be valuable to our clients as we are able to provide complex advice whilst recommending best practices for our clients based on their size, type and industry of the organization.
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Corporate Services

Corporate Tax Advice

Through his extensive corporate client base, Leon van Baal has profound knowledge of Netherlands corporate tax issues. Read more.

30% Ruling for your employees and Split Payroll

Under certain conditions, employees hired from outside of the Netherlands, a special tax ruling exists called the ‘30% ruling’ The 30% facility ruling is a Dutch tax incentive to attract foreign employees with specific skills or expertise to work in the Netherlands. Read more.

Immigration Planning

All foreign nationals, with the exception of EU, Swiss and Norwegian nationals, require work authorization to undertake working activities in the Netherlands. The Netherlands offers various immigration options. Read more.

Private Services

Individual Tax Planning

Upon immigration or remigration to the Netherlands, a lot of tax and social security issues have to be dealt with. Sound and especially timely tax planning at least helps to understand what to expect but could also result in substantial tax benefits just by being on time with your questions. Migrantic is ready and able to help you! Read more

Avoiding Dutch Tax on Foreign Income and Wealth

Did you know that the Netherlands can be a fiscal paradise for foreign wealthy individuals moving to the Netherlands? For wealthy individuals moving to the Netherlands who generally speaking have not been a resident of (or close to) the Netherlands for more than 5 years in the last 25 years the 30% Dutch tax facility may be (made) applicable. Read more

Individual Immigration Planning

Foreign nationals, wishing to stay in the Netherlands for more than 3 months, must apply for a residence permit for a specific reason of stay. In view of our excellent immigration law network, we can assist you in this maze of Dutch immigration rules. Read more

Network Memberships

Migrantic is proud member of the Nextens network by Dentons. The Nextlaw Referral Network offers members and their clients the benefits of traditional referral networks without the conflicts and jurisdictional monopolies of a paid membership.

EuropeFides is a world-wide multi-disciplinary association of small and medium-sized independent tax, audit, accounting and law firms. The association was created with the aim of connecting trusted professionals with high quality services and expertise in their local jurisdictions and enabling them to compete in an increasingly international cross-border market.

Recent News

Review of the 30% salary requirement 2021

In order to be eligible for the 30%-facility, a crucial requirement is that the employee is obliged to have specific expertise. This requirement is met in case the employee’s taxable salary during the entire term of the 30% facility meets the salary criterion each taxable year.

The annual required taxable salary is not fixed but is indexed by the Dutch tax authorities every year. For 2021 for example, the salary should be above EUR 38.961 or EUR 29.616. For employees under the age of 30 with a qualifying master’s degree the salary requirement for 2021 amounts to or EUR 29.616.

read more

Delays at IND and DTA in their decision making process

As you may know, the Dutch Tax Authorities (DTA) take 12-16 weeks before they decide on 30% ruling applications (once decided the DTA decision will have retro-active force to the date as applied for) Not only the DTA have serious backlogs In the past, the standard...

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I have undertaken a large variety of transactions with Leon advising and have never had cause question of doubt his professional advice. Technically, he is extremely competent. Leon is very creative as an advisor and is one of the rare individuals (in my experience) who can think through the tax issues that confront a transaction to enable solutions to be found.

The full recommendationletter is available upon request.

Barry Cannings

Global Head of Tax, Tate & Lyle PLC

Leon showed both strong analytical skills and a more practical approach typical to the experienced tax lawyer.  He finished second in his class in the post graduate LLM-course in international and EU taxation. Based on my experience with Leon as a tax practitioner, but also with him as a person, I would recommend him to anyone.

The full recommendationletter is available upon request.

Prof. dr. Tanja Bender

Professor of International Tax Law, Leiden University

I have yet to discover an area of Dutch tax law that Leon is not familiar with and think he is a really exceptional adviser. He explains tax issues in simple language, is always able to point the case law and to send the relevant extracts. His arguments have undeniable logic and show a very analytical mind.

The full recommendationletter is available upon request.

Wendy Wagler

Taxation Manager, Cadbury PLC

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