The Migrantic partners write a weekly tax and/or immigration law column in a local newspaper. These columns are also featured below.

Belgium and Germany – cross-border workers in salaried employment

New  temporary agreements have been concluded between Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands as a result of the Covid-19 situation. These temporary agreements entail that cross-border workers in salaried employment who normally work in the other country than their country of residency, under these agreements may determine their” home working days” as “days worked in this … Lees meer

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Newsflash Travel allowance

Fixed travel allowance extended until April 1, 2021 An employer still does not have to face any tax consequences to a changed travel pattern of the employee who works much more from home due to the corona measures. In any case, until 1 April 2021, he/she may continue to rely on the original facts on which … Lees meer

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Categories Tax

Work space in your own home: Substantial shareholders and their home office

The corona-virus means increasingly working from home, not only by employees but also by private entrepreneurs (including self-employed persons) and the employees who are also so-called DGAs (employees also being substantial shareholders with their own company, further: BV). Until recently, the tax rules for these three groups were very clear: in most cases there was no fiscal … Lees meer

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Categories Tax

UPDATE 30% facility- Salary criteria 2021

Salary criteria 30% ruling Migrantic

To qualify for the 30%-ruling of the salary criteria the employee should have a taxable salary during the term of the arrangement -i.e. continuously and per annum – exceeding the minimum annual taxable salary criteria as prescribed by the Dutch tax authorities. For 2020 the gross taxable salary for the 30% facility must be more … Lees meer

30% ruling ending on 1 January 2021?

30% ruling, box 3, tax return

January 2021 not only means the end of Donald Trump as president but for many also the end of the 30% -facility. In this news alert we would like to inform you about the current state of affairs as well as the tax consequences and tax planning considerations. Introduction As of 1 January 2019, the … Lees meer

THE CLOCK IS TICKING! Brexit update: residence rights UK nationals and tax / social security in a no-deal Brexit scenario


The clock is ticking, a little over 2 months left. Boris Johnson has just mentioned that the UK should get ready for a no-deal Brexit unless there is a fundamental change of approach from the European Union. Where does this leave the UK nationals living in the Netherlands?  Rights of UK citizens residing, working and/or … Lees meer

Am I employing a knowledge migrant?

We have all heard of the knowledge migrant and we all know that the new salary thresholds as of January 1st 2020 are as follows: Standard amounts for residence as a highly skilled migrant Gross amount per month excluding holiday allowance Highly skilled migrant older than 30 years € 4,612.- Highly skilled migrant younger than … Lees meer

2019 Chambers listing

In 2016 Migrantic, tax & immigration lawyers announced that – after an intensive vetting process –  it had joined Nextlaw Global Referral Networkas the first Netherlands law firm. It enables Migrantic to connect its clients to high quality lawyers around the world. Nextlaw Global Referral Network is the largest legal referral network in the world and was created by … Lees meer

A Profitable Way Out of Brexit for Wealthy UK Residents

Brexit, migration, uk residents, fiscal paradise, 30% ruling

Are you looking for migration opportunities because of Brexit? The Netherlands offers a wholesome package with an outstanding healthcare system and a steady top ten World Happiness Index ranking. The Netherlands is by far the best friend of the UK on the European continent with a very good physical (Schiphol, Rotterdam / The Hague and … Lees meer

Newsflash 2019 Budget: a random ‘Act’ of unfairness: 30% ruling to be decreased to 5 years with a horrendous transition measure

A few days ago the text of the new proposed transition legislation has been published regarding the decrease of the 30% duration from 8 to 5 years per next year. We also refer to our last newsflash about this here. A lot of Dutch news agencies mentioned and still mention that the measure to decrease … Lees meer

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