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Migrantic Chambers listing

In 2016 Migrantic, tax & immigration lawyers announced that – after an intensive vetting process –  it had joined Nextlaw Global Referral Network as the first Netherlands law firm. It enables Migrantic to connect its clients to high quality lawyers around the...

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A Profitable Way Out of Brexit for Wealthy UK Residents

Are you looking for migration opportunities because of Brexit? The Netherlands offers a wholesome package with an outstanding healthcare system and a steady top ten World Happiness Index ranking. The Netherlands is by far the best friend of the UK on the European...

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The 30% Ruling and the unfair Dutch legislator

Our government intends to reduce the duration of a tax scheme for expats, the so-called 30% ruling, from eight to five years as of 1 January 2019. The unfairness of this proposal lies in that this decrease to 5 years will apply to both new and existing cases. The 30%...

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Leave the 30% tax ruling for expatriates alone!

In June, the Dutch Ministry of Finance has (under pressure of left-wing parties including the PVV) presented to parliament a critical report regarding the effectiveness of the 30% tax facility. This facility is intended to cover the extra expenses that an expatriate...

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