The Migrantic partners write a weekly tax and/or immigration law column in a local newspaper. These columns are also featured below.

Hélène Jonker

Helene Jonker, Multi-cultural. Global mobility, legal

With her professional experience in Dutch Immigration Law, Hélène Jonker builds and maintains trusted relationships based on her deep content knowledge of complex immigration law. Driven by her enthusiasm and strengthened with an inquisitive nature, Hélène creates a productive work environment with direct lines of communication and ensures that the work is done.

Hélène’s content knowledge and skill, together with her multi-cultural experience enables her to communicate with both senior executives, clients, foreign nationals, and always with a critical focus on Dutch Immigration Law.

Hélène maintains good relationships with governmental- and Labor Authorities, European Migration Networking group and other immigration orientated authorities. She has built up a vast portfolio of clients ranging from multinationals, large firms, small companies and individuals.

Hélène has contributed to various Global Mobility Handbooks and has taken part in Immigration Practice Groups on a local and international level. She understands what it is like to be a stranger in a strange land. Growing up abroad and having lived in numerous countries and continents, she is able to not only provide her clients with profound legal advice but also to understand the challenges that they face when going through the immigration process.

Letters of recommendation and/or the CV of Hélène are available upon request.

You can contact Hélène Jonker by e-mail at or by telephone on +31 6 27043309.