Payroll Services

We do provide payroll services for international clients ourselves, and we also have an extensive network from which we can select the best alternative at very competitive rates in other cases.

Choosing the right payroll provider is essential to pay your staff accurately, on time and in accordance with the law and we are happy to take care of your payroll in most cases.
The Dutch Tax Authority (Belastingdienst) offers clear guidelines for the withholding and payment of income tax, social security contributions and income-related health insurance contributions, as well as the issuance of payslips, payroll records to be kept and the returns to be submitted. All of these requirements are related to the payroll of the employer.

A simple payroll may have just one employee who gets paid the same monthly salary: for example, an expatriate director.
A more complicated payroll may concern a higher number of employees with fixed and variable payments and deductions, pension administration, a higher turnover rate, payrolls benefitting from the application of the 30% ruling and shadow payrolls.

In order to hire highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands, a company needs to have a certain legal structure in place. For example, it must be registered as a ‘recognised sponsor’ with the Dutch immigration office (IND). At the point where they want to start hiring, international businesses setting up in the Netherlands are often not yet enrolled in this sponsorship programme. This is where our network partners can help. They are registered with the IND as recognized sponsor and registered with the SNA.

We can therefore also assist Dutch companies who have not registered as a sponsor yet.