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Individual Tax Advice

Migrantic is an independent full service law firm. Our tax lawyers are specialised in providing international tax advice to individuals and/or their employers and/or privately owned companies.

Individual Tax Planning

Upon immigration or remigration to the Netherlands, a lot of tax and social security issues have to be dealt with. Sound and especially timely tax planning at least helps to understand what to expect but could also result in substantial tax benefits just by being on time with your questions. Migrantic is ready and able to help you!

Individual Immigration Planning

Foreign nationals, wishing to stay in the Netherlands for more than 3 months, must apply for a residence permit for a specific reason of stay. In view of our excellent immigration law network, we can assist you in this maze of Dutch immigration rules.

Social Security Premiums

Migrantic will be happy to advise (employers of) persons working in or migrating from or to the Netherlands on their Dutch social security status, including the EU A-1 (formerly E101) document for international secondments.

30% Facility

Under certain conditions, employees hired from outside of the Netherlands, a special tax ruling exists called the ‘30% ruling’. The 30% facility ruling is a Dutch tax incentive to attract foreign employees with specific skills or expertise to work in the Netherlands.

Avoiding Dutch Tax on Foreign Income and Wealth

Did you know that the Netherlands can be a fiscal paradise for foreign wealthy individuals moving to the Netherlands? For wealthy individuals moving to the Netherlands who generally speaking have not been a resident of (or close to) the Netherlands for more than 5 years in the last 25 years the 30% Dutch tax facility may be (made) applicable.

Individual Income Tax Return

We help our international clients with the filing of their Dutch income tax return.

Emigration Tax planning

Based on figures of the Netherlands statistical institution CBS around 180,000 people emigrate from the Netherlands each year and the number is increasing. Emigration from the Netherlands can from a tax point of view be quite complicated, especially for expatriates. This becomes even more complex, when having bought their own house in the Netherlands and use the Dutch mortgage interest deduction.

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