Publishing of Immigration Audits

Jun 8, 2016

Compliance checks? Immigration and tax audits? “Our company has never had an audit by the Dutch authorities. What is the chance that we will be audited”?

The partners of Migrantic are able to verify if the initiated immigration- and tax procedures, the available documentation and the employers and employees are compliant with the legal requirements under Dutch immigration- and tax law. And yes, we do advice you to think twice about the necessity of compliance checks.

Effective of this year, the Dutch Labour Inspectorate is publishing results (whether an infringement has been noticed or not) on their website of all companies that they have visited and audited. These results will remain online for three years; the company name, address and the audit results included.

The results will only be published after the audit has taken place and the company has been informed (by means of a letter) about the results. If the company does not agree with the findings, the company has 10 days to postpone publishing, may undertake judicial steps,  after which posting will take place until the Court has made a final decision.

The authorities look into various issues,  focusing on employing/hiring foreign nationals (under the foreign Employment Act/law regarding the placement of personnel by intermediaries/recruitment agencies), the Minimum Wage Act and various other employment regulations.

In order to receive a positive audit result on the Labour Inspectorate website, please contact us to conduct a pre-compliance check on site or on dossier selections submitted to us. We ensure that all parties meet their responsibilities and compliance.