The Migrantic partners write a weekly tax and/or immigration law column in a local newspaper. These columns are also featured below.

UPDATE 30% facility- Salary criteria 2021

Salary criteria 30% ruling Migrantic

To qualify for the 30%-ruling of the salary criteria the employee should have a taxable salary during the term of the arrangement -i.e. continuously and per annum – exceeding the minimum annual taxable salary criteria as prescribed by the Dutch tax authorities. For 2020 the gross taxable salary for the 30% facility must be more … Lees meer

30% ruling ending on 1 January 2021?

30% ruling, box 3, tax return

January 2021 not only means the end of Donald Trump as president but for many also the end of the 30% -facility. In this news alert we would like to inform you about the current state of affairs as well as the tax consequences and tax planning considerations. Introduction As of 1 January 2019, the … Lees meer

A Profitable Way Out of Brexit for Wealthy UK Residents

Brexit, migration, uk residents, fiscal paradise, 30% ruling

Are you looking for migration opportunities because of Brexit? The Netherlands offers a wholesome package with an outstanding healthcare system and a steady top ten World Happiness Index ranking. The Netherlands is by far the best friend of the UK on the European continent with a very good physical (Schiphol, Rotterdam / The Hague and … Lees meer