The Golden Visa

Jun 8, 2016

Foreign investors may qualify for a Dutch residence permit by investing in the Dutch economy in excess of € 1,250,000. No wonder that this permit is nicknamed The Golden Visa!

To attract these high net worth individuals even more, the Dutch government has announced that the conditions for obtaining the individual permit will be eased. This is a welcome change as up to today, only one high net worth individual permit has been granted.

Under the new rules, the residence permit will be granted for three years instead of one. Whereas a statement confirming the origin of wealth to prevent money laundering was necessary, this report of an accountant is no longer required. Furthermore, the investor must “only” meet two of the following requirements: an increase of innovative projects, creation of employment (10 jobs must be created) and the non-financial contribution (the investor’s network and specific knowledge).

Upon receipt of the residence permit, the investor may immediately work as an employee, be self-employed or simply lay back and enjoy the Netherlands. The family may also benefit from this specific permit. They may relocate to the Netherlands without having to pass the Dutch Integration Exam.

It is expected that the above changes will enter into force on July 1st 2016.

Last but certainly not least, did you know that the Netherlands can be a fiscal paradise for foreign wealthy individuals moving to the Netherlands? For wealthy individuals moving to the Netherlands who generally speaking have not been a resident of (or close to) the Netherlands for more than 8 years in the last 25 years the 30% Dutch tax facility may be (made) applicable. This would result in no taxation at all on the (non-Dutch source) portfolio investments – capital gains, interest and dividends – of the wealthy individual.