The Knowledge Migrant entering the Netherlands

Dec 8, 2015

Various immigration law procedures allow foreign employees to enter, stay and work in the Netherlands.
Entry and stay in the Netherlands depend on nationality and duration of stay.

Non-visa nationals (e.g. US nationals) can enter with their passport. Visa nationals (e.g. Indian nationals) require an entry visa.
For periods of stay exceeding 90 days in a 180 day timeframe, additional residence authorization is required.

In the tangle of immigration law procedures, the so-called knowledge migrant may obtain a combined entry and residence permit with work authorization. This expedited immigration route is only available for employees transferred to or hired by a Dutch company registered as a recognised sponsor with the Dutch Immigration Authorities (IND).

The employee must be on an assignment or obtain a local contract of minimum 4 months and must meet the salary threshold of € 4189 (over 30 years) or € 3071 (under 30 years) (2015 threshold) gross per month.

As every year, the salary threshold for knowledge migrants will increase as of January 1st. Although the official 2016 salary thresholds will be published later this month, an increase of 1.6% is anticipated. Since it is possible to submit applications 6 months prior to the employment start date, it is advisable to file the knowledge migrant application before year end (thereby securing the 2015 salary thresholds).

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